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Is Florida a No Fault State? (And What Does That Mean?)

  You may have heard the phrase “no fault insurance” bounced around by your friends, neighbors, or even your insurance agent. Several states (and the territory of Puerto Rico) have adopted “no fault” laws pertaining to auto insurance. But what exactly is no fault insurance and how does it affect you in the event of […]

7 Personal Injury Myths Debunked

7 Personal Injury Myths (Debunked)

With over 80 years of combined experience, we’re no strangers to personal injury law’s myths and misinformation. These beliefs are not just incorrect. They can be downright dangerous, especially if they keep injured victims from getting the representation they need. We’ve heard it all, from “I can’t afford a personal injury attorney” to “My injuries […]

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Why Haven’t I Heard From My Attorney?

Has your lawyer left you on “read”? Here are a few (good and bad) reasons why you haven’t heard from your attorney.   Not hearing from your lawyer can be worrisome, especially if you’ve made an effort to contact them. According to the American Bar Association, a lawyer is required to keep a client informed […]

Is Changing Lawyers Allowed?

Is Changing Lawyers Allowed?

You hired an attorney, but now you’re having second thoughts. Is changing lawyers allowed?   After a bad accident, you find a personal injury attorney who is willing to take on your case. You sign the contract with great expectations. You’re going to win, and this lawyer will defend your rights and get you the […]

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What Is Loss of Earning Capacity?

Serious accidents can have lifelong consequences. One major effect is a loss of earning capacity…but what does that mean?   If you’ve been injured in an accident, your personal injury attorney likely asked you dozens of questions in order to determine how much your case was worth. These questions probably centered around your pain, your […]

Car Accident While On Vacation? Here’s What To Do…

Sun, fun, and…crashes?! Here’s what to do if you get into a car accident while on vacation.   There’s never a good time to get into a car accident, but it’s arguably much worse when it happens while you’re on vacation. Your Florida trip is supposed to be a time for fun in the sun […]

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The Right (& Wrong) Way To Handle Car Accident Pain

Don’t take your injuries lightly! But there’s a right and a wrong way to handle car accident pain.   If you’ve ever been in a car accident—even a “fender bender”—you know how much pain it can cause. From bruises to broken bones and everything in between, when cars collide, it’s the body that suffers. And […]

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Should You Accept an Insurance Settlement Offer?

The insurance company said, “Take it or leave it!” But should you accept their settlement offer?   If you’ve been injured in a car accident, slip & fall, or other liability claim, you’re probably sick and tired of dealing with seemingly endless doctor’s appointments, paperwork, and insurance negotiations. You just want this nightmare to be […]

10 Rules to Prevent Teen Driving Accidents

10 Rules to Prevent Teen Driving Accidents

Exciting for them, but scary for you. Bridge the gap by setting these 10 rules to prevent teen driving accidents.   It’s no secret that parenting is hard. Every age has its trials (terrible twos, anyone?), but the one age parents seem to collectively fear is the teen years. Teenagers are a whole new ball […]

How Medical Bills Are Paid After an Accident

How Medical Bills Are Paid After an Accident

Wondering how you can pay for those doctor visits? This is how medical bills are paid after an accident.   After an accident that causes you serious bodily harm, there is no replacement for the time required to heal—and no way to hurry the recovery process. But while you are focused on getting better, one […]