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Altamonte Springs Truck Accident Attorneys

The Risks of Truck Accidents

Altamonte Springs—known for its vibrant shopping districts and scenic parks—sees a large amount of traffic every day. And while a collision between two vehicles is always a cause for concern, the dynamics change alarmingly when a commercial truck is part of the equation.

Imagine an average vehicle in Altamonte Springs, weighing in at around 2,000 to 6,000 pounds. Now compare that to the 80,000-lb. semis that crisscross the city every day. Combine that weight difference with high speeds and you’ll have some understanding of the danger of truck-related accidents.

Sadly, it’s often the passengers in the smaller vehicle that experience the most severe injuries.

If you’re an Altamonte Springs resident hurdling the obstacles of a trucking accident, you need a skilled truck accident attorney to fight for your rights.

A commercial truck changing lanes in rainy weather

Truck Accidents in Altamonte Springs

Altamonte Springs’ wide variety of shopping districts and close proximity to I-4 make it a bustling hub of activity.

When a compact sedan meets the formidable force of a commercial 18-wheeler, the result is usually much more serious than a typical fender bender.

In addition, the labyrinth of Federal and State regulations surrounding the trucking industry can complicate your case.

At Beers & Gordon, we’ve navigated myriad truck-related challenges in Altamonte Springs, handling cases from tractor trailers to specialized vehicles, such as dump trucks. Whether caused by equipment malfunctions, driver error, or unpredictable road conditions, our seasoned approach will ensure you get the representation you deserve.

We can ensure you that the trucking company has a huge legal team on their side. Without an equally experienced truck accident attorney on your side, you’re fighting a losing battle.

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Navigating Trucking Laws

Altamonte Springs has a thriving commercial industry, with trucking at the very center. And such an important industry comes a long list of regulations.

In addition to Florida’s laws, truckers in Altamonte Springs also cross state borders, which may bring federal guidelines into play.

For those already reeling from the physical and emotional stress of a trucking accident in Altamonte Springs, navigating both local and national laws is too much to handle. Working with an experienced truck accident attorney gives you the assurance you need that all avenues will be explored.

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Altamonte Springs Residents Need An

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Beyond trucking law and policy, accident victims often find themselves pitted against formidable corporate legal teams. Most truckers operate under a larger corporation, equipped with an army of defense experts.

Trying to fight these battles alone can lead to unpleasant surprises. We’ve heard countless stories of Altamonte Springs residents who were enticed with seemingly favorable insurance packages, only to find out later that their settlement is not enough to cover their injuries. Working with the expertise of a truck accident attorney who is intimately familiar with Altamonte Springs is the only way to ensure you are adequately compensated.

Truck Accident Attorneys Altamonte Springs

At Beers & Gordon, our legal team is dedicated to championing the rights of truck accident victims. Together, David Beers and Jim Gordon have nearly six decades of collective legal experience, which serve as an invaluable asset for the residents of Altamonte Springs.

Previous experience defending major insurance companies gives both of our attorneys an insider’s perspective. Everything that we learned on their side, we put to work for you. We treat all clients with empathy, unyielding advocacy, and unparalleled legal expertise.

If a trucking accident in Altamonte Springs has left you scrambling for legal guidance, the doors of Beers & Gordon are always open for a free consultation.

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