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Orlando Premises Liability Attorneys

One sign can mean the difference between a routine errand and a serious injury.

Every year, more than 200,000 people are injured from slips and falls. All it takes is a wet floor, a loose board, or a slippery surface. But what if there was no sign? No warning?

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain that property and ensure that it stays safe. They also have a duty to warn of any dangerous condition. Despite these duties, injuries can and do occur with surprising frequency.

Whenever you enter into a restaurant, retail store, or other public building, you expect to be safe and walk out unharmed. When this does not occur and the establishment was negligent, filing a premises liability lawsuit can help compensate you for your injuries and medical bills and prevent the property owners from neglecting maintenance in the future.

As your Orlando premises liability attorneys, Beers & Gordon will fight to protect your interests at every step of the way.


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Slip & Falls

More Than Just

We often refer to premises liability accidents as “slip and falls,” but many types of injuries can occur when a property isn’t maintained.

For example, a change in the floor elevation, a poorly cleaned and slippery floor, an improperly designed staircase, or poor lighting are just a few of the things that can cause a “slip and fall”  or “trip and fall” injury. But falling objects, dog bites, or even a violent crime can all fall under the umbrella of premises liability.

In order to win your case, your Orlando premises liability attorneys must not simply prove that you were injured. They must prove that the property owner was negligent in some way.

A store owner who brings his unleashed dog into work with him (even though he knows the dog has a history of aggression) or a landlord who doesn’t install enough exterior lighting in a high crime area are both demonstrating negligence when it comes to keeping their property safe. 

Another lesser known factor in these cases is the doctrine called comparative negligence, which can work against an injured party. For example, a jury may determine that the injured person was equally at-fault for failing to see the dangerous condition.  This comparative negligence will impact the overall recovery.  

You will want to meet with experienced premises liability attorneys who understand these issues and can explain how they may or may not impact your case.

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Standards of Safety

David Beers and Jim Gordon have experience with hundreds of similar “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” cases involving international hotels, strip malls, shopping malls, and other private property owners.  In many of these cases, certain state and local safety codes were violated that put our clients at risk. 

Without an experienced Orlando premises liability attorney, it can be very difficult—if not impossible—to prove a property owner’s negligence.  If you are unable to prove this negligence, it does not matter if you suffered a serious injury, there will be no recovery. 

At Beers & Gordon, our premises liability attorneys are familiar with safety codes and recognized slip resistance and building code standards. If necessary, we will even partner with safety and slip resistance or building code experts to gather evidence for your case.

Trip and Fall vs. Slip and Fall: What's the Difference?
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Retail Liability

Retail establishments—including brick-and-mortar stores, strip malls, and shopping malls—are a routine part of our daily lives. And when that routine is disrupted by an injury, it’s natural to want to seek compensation, especially when that injury may have been preventable.

Slip & fall accidents are some of the most common injuries that occur in retail establishments. (An employee mops up a spill and forgets to set out a “Wet Floor” sign, for example.) But “slip & fall” fails to include all the possible instances of premises liability.

A teetering tower of boxes that gives way just as a customer walks by is also a premises liability case. So is a mugging or assault that was made easier by a broken light in the parking lot. Unfortunately, oftentimes, the property owner knew of the broken light or other dangerous condition and just chose to ignore the issue.

With a good premises liability attorney, you can receive financial compensation for your medical treatment, lost wages, and pain/suffering. Furthermore, filing a lawsuit is an incentive for the property owners to remedy the issue and be more diligent about maintenance and safety in the future.

Filing a premises liability lawsuit isn’t about being petty or needlessly litigious. It’s about setting a precedent for the importance of safety for other patrons.

Hotel Liability

As with other property owners, hotels have an ongoing responsibility to secure and maintain their properties. However, when you book a stay at a hotel, resort, vacation rental, or other lodging establishment, you’re not just making a 10-minute stop; you’re temporarily living in a new place. As a result, there are many more opportunities for injury than in your typical retail store.

For example, uneven floors; bathrooms with slippery tiles, bathtubs, or showers; and even improper pool decks can lead to an unexpected “slip and fall” injury.

Our attorneys have represented hundreds of clients involving numerous hotels throughout the State of Florida, including international hotel chains. This experience has given our attorneys invaluable knowledge of building codes, physiology, and other factors that can complicate a premises liability case.

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If you have been injured due to another’s negligence, it is likely that you are dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and pain as a result. Finding compensation for your physical, financial, and emotional suffering is much easier with the right Orlando premises liability attorneys on your side.

David Beers and Jim Gordon have nearly 70 years of combined experience dealing with slip and fall injuries throughout Central Florida. Our knowledge, experience, and resources make us uniquely qualified to fight and win your premises liability case.

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