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Chris Sileo in Central Florida

Jim Gordon and David Beers not only did a fantastic job with my case, but treated me like their MOST important client! I know they will do (and have done) the same for anyone else. They always allowed me to make a decision that I felt was the best, while giving me the facts (pros and cons). They handled my case from start to finish with diligence and vigor. They treated me with respect, provided superb service, and earned me an outcome that I am more-than-happy with! I’d 100% recommend Beers & Gordon, P.A. Civil Trial Attorneys. They are great people and great attorneys!

George Heath in Central Florida

I would like to thank Jim for sticking with me throughout my process. Jim was always great at communicating with me at all times and reviewing my options. I was a non-referral walk-in. I would highly recommend Jim Gordon to my family and friends. Great job, Jim.

Anonymous in Central Florida

Jim was more than willing to meet my mother-in-law in Ocala after she was in a serious car accident. She was in pretty bad shape and he was able to talk her through everything to where she could understand what and when everything was going to happen. His office staff sent her updates each week and anytime something new developed. Jim was very caring and gentle with her. I recommend Jim Gordon and his partner David Beers for any of your personal injury needs!!!

Anonymous in Central Florida

I was looking for help resolving an issue with sellers of a property we just moved into. I spoke with Jim Gordon who helped us know what our options were. It was nice to get honest advice and he gave us ideas on how to deal with the issue. I felt the advice was really helpful and he asked if we had questions at the end. He wanted to make sure we were clear on what we could do. Jim was very quick in calling us back and took the time to listen to our needs.

C.F. in Lake Mary

I appreciate all of your assistance and guidance throughout these negotiations. You really just took all of the stress from this off of our plate and ran with it. I can’t express to you how comforting it is to have actual knowledge that the attorney handling my wife’s case has everything covered and that we can focus on recovery, healing, family, and our careers. You were available for us in the very beginning by providing guidance to me on how best to assist my wife when I was too distressed to focus. “Thank You” just doesn’t give your counsel justice and we will not forget what you did for us.

K.S. from Central Florida

Thank you, Mr. Gordon, and the rest of your wonderful team from the bottom of my heart. From day one, I felt welcomed, understood, and listened to. You time and dedication to my case has meant the world to me, and I will always be thankful for having you represent me during this difficult time. I’m so glad I chose Beers & Gordon, P.A. and wish you all nothing but the best in your future endeavors.

Satisfied Client from Oviedo

I was in a pretty bad accident with my motorcycle. I was hit on the head at 60 mph and was rushed to the hospital to save my life. After a twelve day coma and my leg being amputated I started to bounce back. At this crucial time in my life concerns were everywhere and the well being of myself and family was at risk. My wife and I got recommended to a lawyer’s office that could possible help us in our time of need. Beers and Gordon attorneys at law were where we were directed. While I struggled to learn how to live my life without my leg and learn how to walk again, I knew I didn’t have to struggle with my rights and protection for my family because Beers and Gordon did that for me.

This law office was absolutely fighting the good fight for me, my wife, and my two daughters. I never had to worry about where it was going to end up because I constantly had connection with the lawyers themselves and their great paralegal team and office. They never gave up on what was right for us and always kept us updated with any and everything we needed to know. This allowed me to focus on my health and my family and get back to as normal as we could. This law office is by far one of the best in Central Florida and will always be suggested to any of my family and friends in their time of need. The service and respect that we received from Beers and Gordon will live with us for a lifetime. I thank them unconditionally everyday in my prayers for looking out for the well being of their clients.

Satisfied Spouse from Central Florida

January 2013 was a tough time for my family, as my husband was in a motorcycle accident that almost took his life. Although he lived he lost his left leg and our life has been forever changed. While he was in the hospital still in a medically induced coma a family member told me that she had contacted an attorney on our behalf. I did not understand at the time why we would need an attorney; we had never been in this type of situation.

After my husband came home the medical bills started coming. While talking to family members about this outstanding debt that we now owed to the hospitals and doctors who help to save my husbands life I was informed that this is why we needed the attorney. I began sending the bills that we had received to the office of Beers & Gordon and from there I did not worry. The wonderful staff of legal assistants, paralegals, and attorneys fought endless hours with insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors offices to negotiate the balances down for us. Through all of this I still had a house to run with two small children and my husband who was working hard to adjust to life with one leg. Rehab and follow up bills kept coming in the mail, I would not even look at them anymore other than to scan and email to the law office of Beers & Gordon.

Months flew by and we continued to send every bill. We thought this would be something that would take years to resolve because there was over $1,000,000.00 dollars that we owed. But just eight months in to everything we received the phone call that all of the bills had been settled and we could pick up what was left of the settlement that we had received. On arrival we were greeted by the entire staff that shared their smiles and well wishes to us and our family. We were surprised to learn that our out of pocket payment was very minimal considering the amounts that were originally owed some of the bills were even settled as a zero balance. This was amazing. We left the office that day with a check. As we left I could not help but cry tears of happiness because it was over. We could now move on with our lives debt free of hospital bills. We could start anew all thanks to the staff at the law office of Beers & Gordon.

Sam D. of Altamonte Springs

Having an injury is hard enough as you can feel alone and unsure when battling the insurance companies on whether they will pay the claims while the doctors and hospitals want their money that is not being paid right away by insurance. Additionally, you are missing work, attending medical appointments while you are coping with the pain. In a process where many firms treat you like a commodity, it was refreshing to be represented by Jim Gordon. The attorneys and staff at Beers & Gordon were always attentive, responsive, and supportive while treating me as an individual and not a number. I was initially represented by one of these large advertising firms who treated me like a number. After speaking to the attorney for about 2 minutes over months, I was dropped by the firm by letter without explanation. However, it was a good turn of events because that firm had nowhere near the professionalism of Beers & Gordon. If you want the best, choose Jim Gordon and Beers & Gordon. You should as my family will, confidently recommend this firm’s services to everyone you meet.

Bruce G. of Daytona Beach

In working with Beers & Gordon, I had confidence in the firm’s professionalism and experience in providing the best recommendation and strategy for my case. I mentioned to the attorneys from the very beginning, I was not trying to pursue litigation for some “mega dollar” sum. I am a firm believer that my God supplies all my needs according to his riches. The attorneys and staff understood how I wanted to approach the case and pursued it vigorously on my behalf. I met and spoke with the attorneys and staff on numerous occasions to better understand the process and fully comprehend the steps that we were taking. These discussions were invaluable in making the best decisions on my case. The outcome was a satisfying and accepting one. Without any hesitation, I would strongly recommend the attorneys at Beers & Gordon for their experience, professionalism, and integrity

Eric C. of St. Augustine

I would like to take a moment to share my experience of working with the law firm of Beers and Gordon: I was the plaintiff in a personal injury case handled by Jim Gordon after a car accident which had occurred in 2009. Although I had followed every order from the doctors at the hospital, I’d found that the insurance company was unable to help answer questions about how I was going to heal, work or survive after the accident. I naively believed that my insurance company would be there to help me through the mess. I had a fear of litigation, I had a fear of the insurance company, I had a fear that I would hurt forever and that nobody would help me. I was isolated from my family and only had a few friends, all of whom had contradictory advice on what to do. Jim Gordon of Beers and Gordon P.A. was recommended to me by a friend and I called him immediately.

Jim made a great first impression on me because he called me from his cell phone and asked me to keep the number in case I needed to talk to him when he was out. This surprised me because I had held an image of lawyers as being cold, aloof, and inaccessible unless they were on the clock. Jim quickly changed my mind. He spoke with me about my case for over an hour on the first day that I called, as I stood in the parking lot of the post office. He assured me that the call was on him in case I chose representation elsewhere. I had surely found the attorney for me and decided to enter a contract. Being a client of Beers and Gordon was a great experience.

First of all, you do not simply hire a lawyer with Beers and Gordon, you hire a whole team. Though Mr. Gordon was my main attorney, Mr. Beers also acted as my advocate. I spoke to Mr. Beers on the phone, but I also know that he attended hearings on my behalf and coordinated strategies with Mr. Gordon. In addition, the support staff at Beers and Gordon was second to none. Whenever I called they all helped me navigate the basic logistics of the process while never getting involved with any privileged information. They were always polite and sounded happy to hear from me, even when I was dragging my feet. The thing that truly sets Beers and Gordon apart – not just from other law firms, but from other businesses in general – was their profound commitment to ethical and caring representation. Jim Gordon always expressed a sincere interest in my health and well-being. I never felt that he put the case before my ultimate best interest, which was my health. He never influenced my decisions, but answered questions and worked through personal scenarios with me so that WE could make the best choices for ME. I always felt like I was in control of my own destiny, yet I was never alone. With Jim only a phone call away, I never had to feel stupid, helpless, or afraid.

Although my case wasn’t a cash rainmaker for the firm, I did not feel that I was any less of a priority than any other case. My phone calls and emails were returned quickly and I was never set aside for more important work. I feel that my case was handled with as much care and attention to detail as any client for whom the firm was advocating. I would decidedly recommend Beers and Gordon P.A. to anybody who desired trustworthy, skilled counsel.

Krysten F. of Casselberry

I was in a car accident and I was cited for the accident although it was not my fault. My mother and I decided to go to Beers and Gordon for an initial appointment. During this time, I was just trying to prove my innocence as I did not believe I was at fault. Mr. Gordon reviewed the information we brought in to him. Mr. Gordon believed that I had a good case and I agreed that day to sign on with him. During the time between my signing date and settlement date, there was not one time that I had to call the office, other than myself having different questions.

Beers and Gordon’s office has the best communication for a business office I have ever experienced. Not only did they keep me up to date with everything that was going on, they also were over the top with their generosity. Everyone in the office is so respectful, nice, and helpful. Mr. Gordon and I went to mediation and settled my case.

I was extremely pleased with my settlement. I received more than I was expecting and I am very satisfied. If anyone asks me if I know a personal injury attorney, I will absolutely, without a doubt recommend Beers and Gordon. I would never recommend anyone else, as I believe Beers and Gordon are the best. I am highly satisfied with the firm. I cannot thank them enough for absolutely everything they have done for me!

Angela A. of Tavares

As one can imagine, pursuing a wrongful death suit be can confusing and frightening, especially so shortly after the traumatic loss of a loved one. In 2008, my family and I found ourselves in this situation, and we chose Beers and Gordon Law to represent our family. During the process, Mr. Beers and Mr. Gordon went above and beyond our expectations as attorneys. The confusing world of litigation was explained to us every step of the way and our questions were answered truthfully and completely. Emotionally, my family and I experienced sadness, fear and anger. Mr. Beers and Mr. Gordon were respectful and understanding of our need to grieve our loss. We were made to feel as if our case was the only one that was being worked on. If you are looking for experienced attorneys that are compassionate and competent, look no further than Beers and Gordon Law Firm.

Lorrie S. of Oviedo

David Beers went above and beyond my expectations in helping me with a legal matter. He is professional and personable, and I appreciate all that he has done for me.

Nicole S. of Oviedo

I am extremely satisfied and happy with the outcome of my case. As an accident victim, I wasn’t sure how to proceed. David Beers’ advice, recommendations, and overall handling of the case was excellent. I would recommend Beers and Gordon highly.

Gerard A. and Family

When I experienced the tragic death of my wife due to the negligence of others, a family member recommended David Beers be retained to represent me and my family to investigate a possible lawsuit against the parties responsible. David was kind, considerate and very professional from the outset of our meeting. Eventually, we decided as a family to pursue a law suit that my family was required to file to achieve justice. We were updated on each and every development and Mr. Beers was always willing to take the time to explain everything, answering all of our questions.

There were countless hours spent by Beers and Gordon, P.A. on research, phone calls, and relaying information to others, but Mr. Beers always found enough time to include my children and myself in explaining all of the events of both the criminal case arising from my wife’s death as well as the wrongful death law suit. Even after we settled the civil suit after eight days of a jury trial, we knew we could count on Mr. Beers to be here for our family. We would highly recommend David Beers and his law partner Jim Gordon for any legal issue that challenges your family. Thank you David for everything.


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