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Lake Mary Truck Accident Attorneys

Lake Mary Truck Accidents

Even the average fender bender is enough to cause significant injury and property damage. But the consequences are much worse when a large commercial truck is involved.

While Lake Mary can be a beautiful place to live and work, it has a thriving commercial sector that forces sedans to share the road with 18-wheelers. In contrast to the average sedan or SUV—which weighs between 2,000 to 6,000 pounds—semi trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. That’s a whopping 40 tons! Combine this with typical highway speeds, and it’s easy to see why truck-related accidents are much more severe.

Unfortunately, it’s often the individuals in the smaller cars who suffer the worst consequences in these cases.

For Lake Mary citizens reeling from such accidents, a skilled truck accident attorney is available to support and ensure you navigate the legal landscape effectively.

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Truck Accidents in Lake Mary

Lake Mary’s bustling roadways are not only filled with daily commuters, but a steady stream of commercial trucks. And when a family car comes up against the might of an 18-wheeler, the results are catastrophic.

Because of the network of State and Federal regulations that direct the trucking industry, dealing with a truck accident in Lake Mary requires an attorney with specialized knowledge.

At Beers & Gordon, our attorneys have decades of legal skill and experience that make us fully qualified to handle your trucking accident case, whether you collided with a semi or a more specialized vehicle, such as a concrete mixer. Truck accidents can be caused by a variety of things—from truck wear and tear or driver fatigue—but our process ensures that your rights remain in view.

Remember, most Lake Mary truck drivers are shielded by sizable corporations that have their own legal team. Facing them without a seasoned truck accident attorney who is well-versed with Lake Mary’s landscape can tilt the scales against you.

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Trucking Industry Laws

Lake Mary’s economy relies on the trucking industry, but this this important requires strict regulations.

Florida has its own network of trucking laws, but drivers in Lake Mary may operate under federal oversight as well, since truck drivers frequently cross state lines in the course of their work.

In the wake of a truck accident in Lake Mary, having a truck accident attorney on your side with knowledge of these laws isn’t just a good idea, it’s one of the only ways to ensure you receive fair compensation.

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Lake Mary Residents Need An

Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

Coping with a Lake Mary trucking accident involves far more than making a few phone calls and waiting for a settlement check. You’re going up against a huge corporation  that has a vast legal team looking out for its interests. You deserve the same level of care and representation.

Trying to handle your truck accident case on your own is another accident waiting to happen. We’ve heard numerous stories of accident victims who were swayed by seemingly fair insurance offers, only to later find that their injuries were vastly undervalued.

Your health and safety are too important to leave up to chance. Only a seasoned truck accident attorney who is familiar with the local landscape can make sure you are adequately represented.

Truck Accident Attorney Lake Mary

If you’re looking for assistance in your truck accident case, look no further than Beers & Gordon. David Beers and Jim Gordon have an impressive 60 years of combined legal experience, and their relentless commitment to Central Florida’s victims speaks volumes.

Prior to establishing Beers & Gordon, they worked for the very same defense teams that we go up against today. What we learned working for them is invaluable knowledge in the fight for your rights. Throughout your case, you will be treated with respect, dedication, and expert advice.

Struggling with the consequences of a truck accident in Lake Mary? Don’t hesitate to act now. Call Beers & Gordon and benefit from a free case evaluation.

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