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Winter Springs Car Accident Attorneys

Winter Springs Car Accident Attorney

Like any city, Winter Springs is no stranger to car accidents; but just because it’s “normal” doesn’t mean it’s no big deal.

Collisions involving commercial vehicles or a heavy impact should never be taken lightly. Even a relatively minor accident can cause things like whiplash and slipped discs—conditions that can come with serious life-long consequences.

Every day, the accident attorneys at Beers & Gordon see the effect that car accidents have on Winter Springs’ residents. And all too often, some of the worst treatment comes not from doctors, but from the insurance companies that are supposed to protect these victims. As your Winter Springs car accident attorneys, you can trust us to work tirelessly to get the compensation you deserve.

We Know Car Accidents

We Know Winter Springs

Some law firms pride themselves on being the biggest or getting their clients money. But in our experience, this doesn’t bring injured accident victims the most satisfaction. We’ve found that we can do the most good by treating our clients with fairness and compassion and putting our expertise to work for them. Clients want to get physically better first and then get fair compensation.

Our accident attorneys have handled thousands of car accidents—from single-vehicle crashes to 70-car pile ups and everything in-between—both in and out of the courtroom. This experience has given us a unique perspective on the best way to win a car accident case with the least amount of stress.

David Beers and Jim Gordon have more than 40 years of total experience working on behalf of insurance companies. But we don’t just rely on our own knowledge. If needed, we work with top-notch experts in accident reconstruction and biomechanics to make sure that no stone is unturned.

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After Your Winter Springs Car Accident

Every accident case has a best and worst case scenario; to get the best possible outcome for your case, here are some steps that you should take immediately after your car accident.

After attending to any medical emergencies, it’s vital to report the crash to the police. Many people are too worried about making a police report because they don’t want to get the other driver “in trouble.” The point is simply to collect relevant information and create a legal record of what happened.

We’ve seen many cases where the police report has turned out to be the most important piece of evidence. In a “s/he said, s/he said” scenario, police reports act as a neutral witness that can help turn the tide in your favor.

Your next step is to file an insurance claim. Florida law requires that each driver first turn to their own auto insurance policy for payment of medical benefits, regardless of who was at-fault for the crash. This is called PIP insurance.

Even if you think you are not seriously injured, you should always seek medical attention as soon as possible following a car accident. In order to use your policy’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, you must start medical treatment within 14 days of your accident.

If you let this time go by without seeing a healthcare professional, this will reflect poorly on your case should you discover an injury later. More importantly, the at-fault insurer gets the benefit of PIP insurance you should have used.

The type and quality of your medical treatment can make all the difference in your case. If you need recommendations, we are happy to connect you with Winter Springs-area healthcare professionals who can provide you with first-rate care. It is not just about making a case for you, but instead finding you the right medical professional who can put you on the road to recovery.

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You Need a

Winter Springs Accident Attorney

Too many accident cases have been lost because people assumed that their insurance company would take care of them. But it has been our experience that insurance companies look out for their own interests…not yours.

Unfortunately, it is common practice for insurance representatives to undervalue or even deny claims, taking advantage of the very people they promised to protect.

Your insurance company has an entire team of attorneys as well as experienced staff working on their behalf. Trusting your case with the Winter Springs car accident attorneys at Beers & Gordon levels the playing field and gives you the best chance of a fair outcome.

Winter Springs Personal Injury Attorney

Simply having a Winter Springs car accident attorney isn’t enough. You want to make sure you choose the right attorney—one who is capable of winning your case.

Some firms have only worked on one side of the courtroom. We’ve worked for both the insurance companies and injured accident victims like you. When you work with Beers & Gordon, our entire wealth of knowledge is put to work for you.

Other attorneys may push you toward a settlement—even one that is lower than you deserve—because they are not confident about their litigation skills. At Beers & Gordon, we’re no strangers to the courtroom and David Beers is even a board certified civil trial lawyer. We will never suggest that you accept any offer that isn’t 100% fair.

We have even heard of attorneys who push for a settlement to meet their firm’s monthly quotas. Collecting a fee should never be more important than getting a fair amount for your injuries. At Beers & Gordon, you’re a name, not a number.

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